Springtime At Ananda 2017 Recap

Despite the unusually rainy season 7,500 guests visited the gardens.  200 volunteers from our Ananda community worked tirelessly to clear the summer gardens in November 2016.  Planting typically begins in October and by spring 16,000 tulips (over 90 varieties) bloom in time for Springtime at Ananda.

Incredible place. The thousands of tulips were in bloom later this year due to rain we’ve had this winter. Loved all the colors. Beautiful. And the view of the Sierra foothills was awesome. And oh, the maple glazed scone was delicious. Wonderful day to spend with friends. – Lilian Velez D’Auria

Steve Farrell




Photo: Steve Farrell, Farrell Photography

Aaron Resendiz




Photo: Aaron Resendiz


Beautiful and peaceful place to walk around, to take it all in. Breathtaking views! – Alejandra Contreras de Olivares 


What’s New At Crystal Hermitage Gardens

jesusThe Crystal Hermitage Shrine of the Masters Boutique statues are now available online! Our exclusive statue line of the Masters can now be ordered online and shipped directly to your door. The 8″ and 24″ statues are available in four different finishes. Click here for more information or visit www.store.crystalhermitage.org.

Get Involved

The Crystal Hermitage Gardens are maintained primarily through volunteers and donations. If you're inspired by what we're doing please get involved.


Check out pictures from the Hermitage throughout the seasons. View Photos

small-tulipsAbout Crystal Hermitage

Strolling down the meandering trail from the parking area to the swinging wooden gate of Crystal Hermitage is the first meeting of color, the melodies of nature.  Entering the courtyard creates the initial impression – the resonant sound of the musical wind chimes; the beauty and grace of the statues of saints and masters of the world; the first feeling of tranquility, peace and upliftment.

Across the courtyard is the top of the grand staircase down into the gardens – the presentation of an unfolding scene so powerfully breathtaking, the challenge is in taking the next step beyond that point of spectacular beauty.

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