Tulip planting has started.  Hundreds of volunteers will plant 19,000 tulips in over 125 flower beds this winter.  Once the bulbs are planted another group of volunteers will plant forget me not flowers in between the bulbs.  We are also gearing up with a new ticketing process, grading parking areas and repairing damaged to the garden colonnade in the upper garden.

In mid November Ananda Received Global Ambassador Peace Award at the United Nations Church Center for “ the inspiring ways Ananda brings Paramhansa Yogananda’s spiritual wisdom to life today.”

Each April over 7,000 people visit Ananda Village to experience the color and joy of 19,000 tulips in bloom at Crystal Hermitage Gardens, a VIA Magazine“Gorgeous Garden of the West.” Crystal Hermitage gardens is one of the ways Ananda serves our local community.

Get Involved

The Crystal Hermitage Gardens are maintained primarily through volunteers and donations. If you're inspired by what we're doing please get involved.


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small-tulipsAbout Crystal Hermitage

Strolling down the meandering trail from the parking area to the swinging wooden gate of Crystal Hermitage is the first meeting of color, the melodies of nature.  Entering the courtyard creates the initial impression – the resonant sound of the musical wind chimes; the beauty and grace of the statues of saints and masters of the world; the first feeling of tranquility, peace and upliftment.

Across the courtyard is the top of the grand staircase down into the gardens – the presentation of an unfolding scene so powerfully breathtaking, the challenge is in taking the next step beyond that point of spectacular beauty.

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