Springtime at Ananda 2015

Be sure to check back for updates and scheduling for next year’s Springtime at Ananda in April. This year was the most spectacular in Crystal Hermitage history with 13,500 imported Dutch tulips ablaze with every color in nature. For more information click here.


IMG_4665Garden update: Monday Sept. 15IMG_4664

The Summer Splendor of Crystal Hermitage Gardens Continues

The upper gardens are open daily 9 a.m to dusk, admission by donation. The summer garden remains a vibrant spectrum of sensational color. As summer wanes into fall, our volunteer and staff gardeners will soon transition the garden to its fall brilliance, preparing to plant over 13,000 tulip bulbs for next spring with a topping of pansies for a cool winter rainbow. While every visit to the garden may be different, it is always peaceful, uplifting and beautiful.

IMG_4666IMG_4667“I joined a group for the drive to the garden and, although I’ve visited many gardens around the world, I’ve never seen anything remotely like it.”  This quote is from a garden blogger who recently visited during Springtime at Ananda. To read more, visit http://www.travelgumbo.com/blog/gallery-springtime-at-ananda.

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Get Involved

The Crystal Hermitage Gardens are maintained primarily through volunteers and donations. If you're inspired by what we're doing please get involved.


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small-tulipsAbout Crystal Hermitage

Strolling down the meandering trail from the parking area to the swinging wooden gate of Crystal Hermitage is the first meeting of color, the melodies of nature.  Entering the courtyard creates the initial impression – the resonant sound of the musical wind chimes; the beauty and grace of the statues of saints and masters of the world; the first feeling of tranquility, peace and upliftment.

Across the courtyard is the top of the grand staircase down into the gardens – the presentation of an unfolding scene so powerfully breathtaking, the challenge is in taking the next step beyond that point of spectacular beauty.

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