The Gardens

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40914(2)Springtime at Ananda
Visit the Springtime at Ananda page for information on the spring tulip gardens or click here:

General Garden Information (except during Springtime at Ananda)
Garden Hours:  The upper gardens are open daily 10am – 5pm and admission is by donation. The lower gardens are open 10am – 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or by appointment.

1426615_688527781187007_1150890870_nVisitors to Crystal Hermitage are greeted by the Ananda Joy Symbol as they drive through village property toward the gardens.  Meandering through ponderosa pines with overlooks across the permaculture gardens, downtown Ananda, and through the forest, guests are welcomed by colorful snapdragons at the parking lot of Crystal Hermitage.


The Upper Gardens

  • 1 ch (14 of 17)Through the carved wooden gate, visitors are greeted by the serene statuary of saints and masters, the sentinels of the gardens.
  • Only a few steps down the grand staircase on the left is the goldfish pond, surrounded by blossoms of azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias, and reflecting the image of the ‘compassionate standing Buddha’ of Burma.
  • The first grassy terrace, filled with springtime tulips, lilac and camellias, or summertime geraniums and dahlias, overlooks the Yuba River –  the perfect place to sit for a few quiet moments on the bench, to feel the expansiveness and peace.
  • The tour continues by the beautiful stone chapel, down the wisteria covered colonnade, down terrace after terrace of blooms, stone walls, fountains and statuary leading to the main house and lower gardens.

The Lower Gardens – open for special events and by appointment.


  • Pool and patio area, perfect for a springtime tea or wedding reception
  • Balustrade with an unobstructed view of the canyon and Tahoe National Forest
  • Gazebo to sit back and reflect on the surrounding beauty
  • Wisteria covered back terrace overlooking the entire lower gardens

Although the year round Crystal Hermitage Gardens express a different face for every season, the constant – peace, tranquility and expansiveness – is all pervasive in any season.


Expanse (1 of 1)-6SpringSpringtime at Ananda. In April the beauty of over 90 varieties of tulips, with a backdrop of pink cherry blossoms and white dogwoods, has been compared to the beauty of the renowned Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands. Greeted by the fragrance of jasmine and lavender wisteria overhead, visitors wander through a rainbow of peonies, snapdragons, sunny yellow forsythia and daffodils as they are surrounded by over 13,000 tulips.

IMG_3767Summer – When spring transitions into summer, late July and August finds Crystal Hermitage Gardens prime for a garden lover’s delight as they explore an array of lush dahlias, roses, begonias, impatiens, zinnias, geraniums, petunias, marigolds, and dusty millers.

snow winterFall /Winter – While in cool weather flowers such as pansies, dahlias and roses are still prominent in their colorful arrays, fall foliage radiates its brilliance – the bright burgundies of the Japanese maple, the reds, yellows, purples and oranges of leaves flame against the vista of the Sierra evergreens.

When Swami Kriyananda would call home from one of the overseas Ananda Communities, at times he would end the conversation with “Give my love to the gardens.”  And this has been the over arching theme of Crystal Hermitage Gardens since their inception – created with love, maintained with love, explored with love.