Main House

View of terrace and lower side of main building, cloudy skyIn his book Space, Light and Harmony, the Story of Crystal Hermitage, Swami Kriyananda says “to give enjoyment to others, the house must express, first, the consciousness of whoever lives in it, and then strive in some way to uplift and expand that consciousness.”

One year during Springtime at Ananda, a group of ladies who were first-time visitors entered Swami’s dome and upon feeling deep and uplifting inner peace, promptly decided they wanted to learn how to meditate.  Classes were arranged for them, and when they returned a few years later, they asked to go to the ‘blue room’ where they remembered their wonderful experience.

After the death of a close relative, another woman drove for two hours just to sit in Swami’s dome – to sit quietly in the peace and serenity. Upon leaving she remarked that she felt lighter, a sense of healing in her grief.

Crystal Hermitage, a museum in its own right, contains “joyfully harmonious items from over 50 lands” including:

  •       View of Dome, altar, window overlooking valley_MG_7107Kashmiri pieces of carved furniture from India’s Suffering Moses
  •       Beautifully ethereal oil paintings from Italy’s Guido Odierna
  •       Balinese art carvings depicting the Ramayana, India’s epic written thousands of years ago

From its rustic beginnings as a wooden structure precariously built on shifting beams filled with make-shift furnishings to the wonderfully serene and vibrant setting it is today, Crystal Hermitage has always been the spiritual heart of Ananda Village.